Purpose of foundation

The Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture is doing academic studies on both the Eastern and Western spiritual culture to contribute to the expansion and fulfilling the lives of citizens by extending their mental and moral principle. Therewith, this foundation aims for the development of the world culture.



The Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture was established in Okurayama, Yokohama, Japan in 9th of April 1932 by Kunihiko Okura at his own expense. The current Okurayama Memorial Hall was used as the main building of the institute at the time. He himself gave instructions and ran the management as the head of the institute. He gathered top experts from various fields to proceed with academic researches and also collected both domestic and international books written about spiritual culture, which brought him to set up an institute library. To widen spiritual education among students, educators and the general public, he compiled and published many books including “SHIN-TEN”, written about the Shinto scripture. In 1936 the institute activated its movement by becoming a foundation under the control of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (the current Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), however, then was obliged to suspend their activities in consequence of the World War 2.
After the war, the foundation restarted its activities with the name “Okurayama Cultural and Science Institute” but during that time, they had to face management difficulties so that the library of the institute was hold as the affiliate of the National Diet Library from 1950 to 1960.
    In 1959, the institute returned its name to “The Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture” but after the death of the founder Kunihiko Okura in 1971, the management of the institute became even more difficult so that the land was sold and the building donated to Yokohama-city. Thereby, the financial bedrock was established and is in operation until today.
For detailed information, please refer to *“Zaidanhoujin Okura Seishin Bunka Kenkyujo Enkakushi Kouhon” (Engl. meaning: The manuscript history of the Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture) and *“Zaidanhoujin Okura Seishin Bunka Kenkyujo Enkakushi Kouhon Dainisatsu” (Engl. meaning: The manuscript history of the Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture Part 2).
*in Japanese only


Organization of foundation (as of April 2011)

Administrative director: Rokuro Takai
            Chief: Tadao Sunakawa and 2 staff members
            Head: Jitsuo Mozumi, division head: Seiji Hirai, institute director: Tsuneo Masuda,
2 part-time researchers, 11 guest researchers and 2 staff researchers.
            Head: Jitsuo Mozumi and 5 staff members



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