Institute Outline

Guide to the Institute(PDF)

1.Research of spiritual culture

We respect the spirit of the founding of the institute and aim to advance the research to expand and fulfill the lives of citizens.

(1)Research on practical study

We make surveys, research and resource acquisitions of practical businessperson philosophy, cultural programs and educational activities.

(2)Research on cultural fusion of East and West

Scientific studies on the Eastern and Western spiritual cultures are done, which is one of the purposes of this foundation.


(3)Research and survey of the founder and institute history

We conduct surveys, research and resource acquisitions of the philosophy and merits of the founder Kunihiko Okura and the history from the foundation up to present.

(4) Open workshops

Holding workshops to report the above mentioned researches and professional studies of researchers.


2.Popularization of the spiritual culture

In accordance with the spirit of the institute, we open information such as study results to expand and fulfill the lives of citizens.

(1)Open seminars

We open various seminars about research achievements in simple terms.

(2)Material displays

 As part of the release of research achievements, we display some of the archival documents at the institute library.

(3)Compilation and publication of printed records

Research bulletins “Okurayama Ronsyu” are compiled and published.

Compilations and publications such as leaflets are made for institute guidance, exhibits commentaries and the popularization of spiritual culture.

(4)Transmission of electronic information

We actively give out information such as research achievements and seminar information through our web page.

(5)Cooperation with the community

We widely cooperate with municipalities (Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa), public libraries, museums, schools, residents’ groups and others by giving lectures, lessons, giving out writings to publications, making library tours, strolling through surroundings etc., to contribute to the understanding of community and further development of the local culture.


3.The operation of institute library and repletion of library materials

For details refer to our institute library page.


4. Others