About our institute Library (about our library)



 ●Purpose and history of foundation

The founder Kunihiko Okura first planned to build a library for the mental cultivation and especially for the education purpose of young people. In fact, he came to establish  Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culturein 1932 and opened an adjunct institute library.

    Before the opening of the library, he went over to Europe where the ravages of the World War 1 was still remaining. He made researches on libraries in the advanced nations and also bought over 8000 western books which is still kept at the library as precious materials to this day.

    The library opened on 9th April in 1932 and was free of charge to outside users. After the World War, the library closed temporarily but was reactivated to public users in Oct. 1946. In 1948, the operation faced financial difficulties, so that they were obliged to take charge of the library use. Further out, the library became to an affiliate of the National Diet Library from 1950 to 1960. In1960 and was then returned to the institute again. It opened twice a week to researchers only from Sep. in 1967.

    According to the selling of the land of Okurayama to Yokohama-city, the institute was donated and since May 1988, the library is open to public users for free up to the present date.

 (Reference: “Waga Machi Kohoku” written by Seiji Hirai)


Library Guide

● Access to books

           9:30 to 16:30 (from Tue. to Sat.)

          Sun., Mon., national holidays and year-end through New year holidays


● Reference

          Please feel free to ask for any questions at our reception counter.

          We also accept inquiries by phone, e-mail and fax. Please note that we

          can only respond to Japanese.

● Circulation

          anyone possible

          up to 10 books per person

          2 weeks. If there are no holds on the book, it can be renewed for one time.

             * Renewing of books can be accepted by giving us a call.

             * An ID with address is required to sign out a book. Please show at our reception

                counter for registration process which will be valid for 5 years.


● Copy service

          ・black and white… ¥20 per pc (paper size possible from B5 to A3)

          ・color…¥80 per pc (paper size possible from B5 to A3)

             Possible printing areas will be based on the copyright law.

             Under certain conditions of materials, we might not be able to give out to print.


● Photography

           If you have the request,please contact us in advance and also apply at our reception counter on the day of visit.


● Contacts

          <Address>2-10-1 Okurayama, Kohoku-ku,
                        Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa,
                        222-0037 JAPAN

<Tel> +81 45 834 6636

<Fax>+81 45 542 0051


<Access>A seven minute walk from the Okura Sta. Tokyu Toyoko Line

                        (walk uphill the Kinenkanzaka which is on the side of Kentucky Fried Chicken)